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The European Association of Sport Employers (EASE) and UNI Europa have recommended the use of OiRA tools to improve health and safety standards and to address common barriers to employability in the sports and active leisure sectors on a joint...

The ‘Strengthening employability in the sport and active leisure sector’ joint opinion aims to shape the future of these diverse...See more

The publication ‘DARES Résultats’ from the French Ministry of Employment has recently released a study which analyses the role of social dialogue in shaping micro and small companies (MSEs) in France.

As MSEs are often below the legal threshold required for employee representation and collective bargaining, social dialogue becomes a key element to support good industrial relations. In this aspect, the study provides data and statistics on...See more

The National Research and Safety Institute (INRS) has developed a methodology based on partnership building and a sectoral approach to mobilise micro and small companies (MSEs).

Following an evaluation of the state of play in the field of prevention for MSEs, the methods focus on four targeted sectors, including road transport, restoration, car repair and masonry.  As the particularities and delicate nature of the MSE...See more

The owner of a restaurant in the French department of Seine-Maritime has successfully assessed the occupational risks at her small business by using the ‘OiRA Restauration’ tool developed by the National Research and Safety Institute (INRS).

As a result of the risk evaluation, concrete measures have been implemented to protect employees against occupational risks, including the safe knife storage to avoid kitchen cuts. The regular revision of hoods has also been developed as action...See more

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EU-OSHA has signed the OiRA memorandum of understanding for the development, use and maintenance of the OiRA tools with the Institute for Occupational Safety Improvement (Zavod za unapređivanje zaštite na rad) and the Croatian Institute for Health...

The general agreement provides the basis for an EU level cooperation between EU-OSHA and social partners and/or national institutes or authorities for the development of risk assessment tools, in particular within a context of economic crisis and...See more

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The evolution of digital technologies has led to a significant growth of online interactive tools (e-tools) related to Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).

The evolution of digital technologies has led to a significant growth of online interactive tools (e-tools) related to Occupational Safety...See more

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The State Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Latvia has developed an OiRA tool for the agriculture sector to help employers identify and assess the risks in order to carry out preventive actions to reduce them.

The agriculture sector is often associated with a wide range of hazards, including animal contact, chemicals exposure, seasonal work and heavy equipment. The OiRA tool also provides tips for preventing accidents related to these risks and...See more