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A new case study describing the BeSMART (Business electronic Safety Management And Risk assessment Tool) in Ireland has been published.See more
OiRA user numbers are increasing quickly in the last months. The newly updated ‘ OiRA in facts and figures ’ infographic displays updated key information on OiRA users, risk assessments and test...See more
To achieve a better understanding of the Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) project, the flyer is now available in over 20 languages. It presents an overview of the key facts about OiRA and...See more
Following the model of the EU ‘ Risk assessment with OiRA in 4 steps ’ video, the new clip for Latvia highlights safety and health risk assessment as the approach for the prevention of work related...See more

New tools

Hôtellerie Café Restaurant
OiRA tool
This tool is intended to the companies from the HORECA (hotels, restaurants and cafes) sector: the content is based on the INRS brochures ED 6081 - Réceptionniste en hôtellerie ED 991 - Femme de chambre et valet dans l'hôtellerie ED 6082 - Rénovation des hôtels - Repères pour la sécurité au travail et la santé du personnel ED 6033 - Lingère, linger et équipier dans l'hôtellerie It was developed jointly by prevention organisations (INRS, CARSAT ...) and actors from the sector (professional organisations ...).
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Category:E-tools Erika Ustailieva, Albert Hollander, Henri Heussen, Cosanta B.V. Stoffenmanager® is a validated, web-based instrument intended to support both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large organisations to identify the chemical...See more
leather and tanning_EU_Copyright_0.jpg
OiRA tool
The processes and activities in the leather and tanning industry can expose workers to occupational hazards. The most important risks are related to the use of machinery and other equipment, chemicals, and the work environment. Occupational safety and health (OSH) management is essential not only to create healthy workplaces but also to reduce costs and other negative consequences of work related accidents and sick leaves. Therefore the Social Partners of the European Leather Industry, industriAll-Europe and COTANCE have developed an OiRA tool to support small and medium sized companies in the proper management of occupational health and safety risks. The tool helps companies to carry out a risk assessment and take adequate measures to eliminate and minimise health and safety risks. Furthermore, the self-assessment reports based on this OiRA tool can be used as an instrument in the supply chain for communicating on OSH. Implementation of the tool does not however ensure legal compliance with the respective national health and safety regulations. The tool has been developed at EU level and may serve as a basis when developing an OiRA leather and tanning tool at national level.
EU level
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