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The tool is designed for companies in the veterinary medicinal sector and covers activities such as diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, preventive measures and related service activities.

The veterinary sector is characterized by many risk factors such as: manual handling of loads and live loads, injury arising from aggressive animals, work with cutting and piercing objects and tools, biological agents and other. Covered are also factors of the working environment: microclimate, lighting, non-ionising and optical radiation, ionising radiation in the working environment. Included are psychosocial risks and organizational factors such as the work and rest regime.

The tool begins with identification of the hazards, assesses the level of the risk and leaves flexibility because of the wide variety in the sector. That enables the end-users to choose the most appropriate preventative actions to eliminate or reduce risks. Users are encouraged to implement the proposed preventive measures for each identified risk.

The tool is an easy way to improve the working conditions of the persons employed in the veterinary sector.

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