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The Live Performance sector encompasses artistic productions and workplaces with a great diversity of elements to be considered in relation to occupational health and safety. The tools cover among other things the technical elements in relation to set, rigging and stage; the special elements, stunts and artistic performance activities on the stage; the chemical and hazardous substances used in special effects; frequent high noise levels; and the presence of an audience. Considering these risks, it's clear that a sector-specific risk assessment is vitally necessary to prevent accident and injury. There are two different OiRA tools, one focusing on productions and the other on venues. The Live Performance Venue Tool is focused on venues such as opera houses, theaters, etc. that are hosting different productions.

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The video was originally released by the EU social partners from the live performance sector, the European Arts and Entertainment Alliance (EAEA) and Pearle* in English language with Spanish and Greek subtitles. Workplaces in the live performance sector are challenged by very diverse health and safety risks and the OiRA tools are developed to support small enterprises in better dealing with these challenges. These stem from a broad range of activities, including stage performances, chemical...See more

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SEIRICH - a tool for the assessment of chemicals in the workplace

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