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Developed within the framework of the French requirements on REACH and the classification and labelling of chemicals, the methodology used in SEIRICH is part of a national agreement on chemical risks prevention. The methodology includes an inventory of products and emitted substances, ranking risks in order of importance, a chemical risk assessment adapted to users’ level of expertise, technical and legal advice adapted to the context and, and a follow-up for prevention actions. SEIRICH has...See more

Supporting safer, healthier and more successful small businesses

Micro and small enterprises are the backbone of the EU’s economy. However, small companies can find managing...See more

Bulgaria develops new OiRA tool for the courier services sector

The General Labour Inspectorate in Bulgaria has developed a new OiRA tool for the courier services sector to help...See more

OiRA tools in France poster accepted for the XXI OSH World Congress...

The Online interactive Risk Assessment tool in France poster has been accepted for the XXI World Congress on Safety and...See more

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