Soluciones gratuitas específicas de cada sector que guían a los empresarios por los procedimientos obligatorios de evaluación de riesgos para la seguridad y la salud.
Los riesgos para la seguridad y la salud existen, ¡pero también existen soluciones fáciles y gratuitas para evaluarlos!

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OiRA tools can help protect butchers at the workplace

From severe cuts while using sharp tools and machinery to long-term repetitive hand motions and lifting heavy items, butchers are exposed them to serious occupational safety and health risks.

Our national partners in Cyprus*,...

Slips, trips and falls, loading and unloading heavy bags, noise, ammonia odour and flour dust… these are just few of...
Imagine any enterprise empowered to assess safety and health risks in a quick and easy way: a newly released generic...
Manufacturing processes involve a large number of hazards. Working with heavy machinery, in confined spaces and with...

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