Promoting basic OSH principles, OiRA tools and Napo to students and teachers in Greece

Introducing occupational safety and health (OSH) issues to young people helps prepare them for working life and can ensure that the message of safe and healthy workplaces is ingrained at an early age. On 29 October, the Greek focal point hosts an…See more

New OiRA figures available

National OiRA partners from all over Europe are constantly working on developing tools and making them known to the companies. Be up-to-date on which tools are soon to come! See more

Road transport in France now safer with OiRA

Four new Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools have been just published and one more updated in France thanks to our OiRA national partner, the French National Research and Safety Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and…See more

Cyprus updates OiRA tools for various sectors

Six tools have been recently updated and revised in Cyprus.See more

New OiRA tool for the rehabilitation and remodelling of buildings set to launch

Workers in the construction sector account for a high number of occupational injuries and fatal accidents in the European Union. This derives from dangerous and regularly changing work conditions, such as working at height and operating heavy and…See more

OiRA tools for the cleaning services sector — for a spotless record on safety and health

Cleaners work in different environments at different times of the day, meaning exposure to a variety of risks. Some suffer from musculoskeletal disorders as a result of repetitive movements and awkward postures; others work at height washing windows…See more