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Assess the occupational safety and health risks in construction with the help of six available online tools.

Work in construction amounts for a high number of occupational injuries and fatal accidents in the European Union. This derives from dangerous and regularly changing work conditions, such as work at height and operation with heavy and dangerous...Per saperne di più

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One of the best covered sectors in OiRA is office work. Find out if there is a tool in your language available!

Office work is often recognised as a low-risk work environment, however, the growing evidence shows a high percentage of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and exposure to psychosocial risks among office workers. Risks arise mainly due to sedentary...Per saperne di più

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The promotion of OiRA tools and their benefits in assessing workplace risks is reaching across European countries with seminars in Croatia and Bulgaria .

A series of OiRA events in June opens in Zagreb, Croatia, with a workshop organised by the Institute for Medical Research and Medicine of Work (IMI) on the 10th of this month. National experts of occupational safety and health explore...Per saperne di più

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The Bulgarian and the Cypriot OiRA partners are promoting their tools with two seminars in May with support from EU-OSHA.

The Department of Labour Inspection (DLI) in Cyprus will held a seminar on the 21st of May 2019, at Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia. There are already nine...Per saperne di più