Soluzioni gratuite, specifiche per settore, per guidare i datori di lavoro attraverso il percorso obbligatorio di valutazione dei rischi per la salute e la sicurezza.
I rischi per la sicurezza e la salute sul lavoro esistono - soluzioni facili e gratuite per valutarli e prevenirli, anche!

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Tailored risk assessment available for more industries in France

Five new Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools will help businesses operating in France to assess and manage occupational risks. The beneficiaries are companies specialized in metal treatment and coating, manufacture of rubber, plastic and metal products, and industrial mechanics. An OiRA tool for the cleaning sector has been also released. Access all OiRA tools for France Not familiar yet with how OiRA contributes to occupational safety and health? Start from here. Per saperne di più
National OiRA partners from all over Europe are constantly working on developing tools and making them known to the…