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This tool is intended for small health care establishments (e.g. general physicians, dentists etc.). These workplaces can be characterized by multiple risk factors such as: biological risks related to sharp injuries, office work, working in awkward postures for long hours, fatigue, burn-out, chemicals etc.

The tool starts with the identification of hazards and assesses the level of risk, then it allows end-users to choose the most suitable preventive actions to eliminate or reduce risk. Do not forget to implement the proposed preventive measures! The tool includes tips on reduction of stress and fatigue, ergonomics, fire safety, ionizing radiation and workplace health promotion. These tips prevent employees from identified risks, reduce the load for the back and joints, introduce the main principles of fire protection etc.

The tool is an easy way to improve working conditions for workers in health care. Using this tool contributes to keep workers healthy, motivated and with good work ability.


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