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Did you know that woodworking and related activities have some of the highest accident rates in the manufacturing industry? Six Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools tailored to this sector highlight the risks associated with working with a range of tools and equipment –– sometimes at height and in awkward positions –– and exposure to excessive noise, dust and fumes. The tools developed by national partners in Belgium (in French and Dutch), Czechia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia...Prikaži više

Road transport in France now safer with OiRA

Four new Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools have been just published and one more updated in France thanks...Prikaži više

Companies in Greece receive training on OiRA tools and the role of...

Online risk assessment training with OiRA takes place on 16 June in Greece. The seminar organised by the Greek focal...Prikaži više

Call for tender - Insights into the process of risk assessment with...

New call for tender just published by EU-OSHAPrikaži više

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