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Risk assessment tools for the cleaning sector have been developed by four national OiRA partners in five languages in addition to one created in collaboration with EU social dialogue partners . Cleaning is carried out in all industries and business premises, often outside normal working hours, in the early morning, evening or night. Such work patterns can increase the risk going along with lone work, work-related stress or violence. In addition cleaners work in premises outside their company...Ver mais

Working in a small shop? Be aware of the risks with OiRA!

See here what OiRA has in store for those working in the retail sectorVer mais

OiRA helps preventing workrelated risks in office environments

One of the best covered sectors in OiRA is office work. Find out if there is a tool in your language available!Ver mais

New OiRA overview available

16 national OiRA partners from all over Europe are constantly working on developing tools and making them known to the...Ver mais

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