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Work in construction amounts for a high number of occupational injuries and fatal accidents in the European Union. This derives from dangerous and regularly changing work conditions, such as work at height and operation with heavy and dangerous machinery. Accidents can be prevented by identifying the risks in time and addressing them adequately. Here is where OiRA lends a hand with tools for risk assessment from six European countries. Furthermore, construction workers in Portugal can soon...Ver mais

OiRA tools for cleaners: Sweep away the risks!

OiRA puts under the microscope the hazards associated with the cleaning sector by making available risk assessment...Ver mais

Working in a small shop? Be aware of the risks with OiRA!

See here what OiRA has in store for those working in the retail sectorVer mais

OiRA helps preventing workrelated risks in office environments

One of the best covered sectors in OiRA is office work. Find out if there is a tool in your language available!Ver mais

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