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The 25th anniversary of EU-OSHA coincides with another important European milestone on occupational safety and health (OSH): 30 years ago, on 12 June, the OSH Framework Directive 89/391/EEC was adopted by the European Council. This legal act is of fundamental importance for all working people as it lays down the general principles for the prevention and protection of workers against occupational accidents and diseases. In addition, the recent “ Evaluation of the Practical Implementation of EU...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

OiRA seminars in June in Croatia and Bulgaria

The promotion of OiRA tools and their benefits in assessing workplace risks is reaching across European countries with...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

OiRA promotion events in May

The Bulgarian and the Cypriot OiRA partners are promoting their tools with two seminars in May with support from EU-...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

Full speed ahead with OiRA in the education sector!

OiRA for educational establishments, see what is availableWeitere Informationen anzeigen