Kostenlose branchenspezifische Lösungen, um Arbeitgeber durch den obligatorischen Pfad zur Beurteilung von Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsrisiken zu führen
Es gibt Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsrisiken am Arbeitsplatz. Es gibt aber auch einfache und kostenlose Lösungen, diese Risiken zu bewerten und ihnen vorzubeugen!

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French legislation recommends OiRA for workplace risk assessment

Big good news coming from France put the Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) platform in the spotlight. 

A newly enacted French legislation focusing on occupational health and prevention, recommends OiRA as one of the tools for carrying out risk assessment. Another important recognition of the potential of OiRA in contributing to safer and healthier working…

How can companies from across 30 activity sectors guarantee safe and healthy working conditions for their employees?…
National OiRA partners from all over Europe are constantly working on developing tools and making them known to the…
Assessing occupational safety and health risks in a free, easy and intuitive manner is gaining speed in Croatia. Small…


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OiRA update - May 2022

EU level
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OiRA update - Summary 2021

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