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As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease across Europe, many companies and organisations are planning how to return safely to the workplace. EU-OSHA’s Online interactive Risk Assessment platform – OiRA - has developed a tailored tool to support this process. The interactive tool can help identify, assess and manage the risks posed by COVID-19 to ensure that workers come back to a safe and healthy environment. It covers a range of situations, including what to do if a worker has COVID-19 symptoms...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

Low risk companies in Greece trained to work with OiRA

Owners of low risk companies in Greece learn how to use the power of OiRA to improve their risk assessments processes...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

New figures on OiRA

Our bi-monthly updated ‘ OiRA in facts and figures ’ infographic displays updated key information on OiRA users, and...Weitere Informationen anzeigen

New tools published in Slovenia and Cyprus

On 6 April four new OiRA tools went liveWeitere Informationen anzeigen