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This tool is intended to be used in both private and public offices’ activities and is covering all workers, whose definition is established by the Article 2, decree 81/2008. It can be used by employers to carry out the final risk assessment document, including the related prevention measures as well. The tool can be particularly useful for micro, small and medium sized enterprises.

As established by the Article 29, paragraph 6 quater, decree 81/2008, a national tripartite group realized a tool strictly addressed to risk assessment in offices, using the OiRA software.

The tool deals with the most common office tasks: the use of computers, secretary activities, relation with customers and providers and archiving of documents. Some jobs are excluded from the tool such as archivist and warehouse worker.

In case of any risks and/or tasks not strictly related to the common office activities, the employer needs to incorporate the missing information in the risk assessment document.

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