Kostenlose branchenspezifische Lösungen, um Arbeitgeber durch den obligatorischen Pfad zur Beurteilung von Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsrisiken zu führen
Es gibt Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsrisiken am Arbeitsplatz. Es gibt aber auch einfache und kostenlose Lösungen, diese Risiken zu bewerten und ihnen vorzubeugen!

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Greece: hospitality students learn the importance of effective risk assessment with OiRA tools

The Department of Tourism Management of the University of West Attica, in cooperation with the Greek national focal point, provides an online OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment) training seminar for students and teaching personnel on 29 November 2022, with emphasis on the tools especially developed for the hotel, café and restaurant (HORECA) sectors. Attendees will first be introduced to the basic principles of occupational safety and health (OSH), the national OSH system and relevant…
Shop workers are vulnerable at work as they face a number of safety and health risks caused by repetitive motions,…
Given the importance of improving the working conditions of hairdressers and barbers, our Portuguese focal point host a…
The processes used in the leather tanning industry involve exposure to a wide range of chemicals that affect workers’…


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