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The Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) offers nine tools for motor vehicles repair and related activities to help identify working conditions in the sector and prevent related risks. The use of tools is an efficient strategy enabling employers to take a collaborative approach and involve employees in the risk assessment process. OiRA tools cover a wide variety of modules such as maintenance, the use of machinery and ergonomics . Two more tools are under development: one from our Finnish...Lisateave

Safer workplaces with OiRA in times of COVID-19: the example of France

How can we help small companies keep their workforce safe, particularly today, in the context of the unparalleled...Lisateave

OiRA supports risk management in sports and recreation sector

The sports and recreation sectors account for a very high rate of occupational accidents. Comprehensive risk evaluation...Lisateave

Training small and micro-enterprises in Greece to work with OiRA

Following the success of a first seminar in June, our Greek Focal Point in cooperation with the Athens Chamber of...Lisateave

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